TIU Theater was established in 2014 by the founder Toshihiko Uriu, as a sister facility of Creative Image Foundation. Creative Image Foundation (CIF) is a non-plofit organization which supports Children of Payatas and Smokey Mountain. Uriu believes that cultural diversity of the Philippines should be preserved, talented urban poor children should be given a chance to develop their skills, and quality works of aspiring filmmakers should be shown on the big screen. Mr. Uriu’s beliefs made him very dedicated in assisting TIU Theater to become a venue for different indigenous groups and regional community theaters to proudly perform their cultural enactment, a free training facility for talented urban poor children to develop their skills in singing, dancing and acting, and a cinema for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their masterpiece. Now CIF and TIU Theater has not only given opportunity to talented artists, but also created many shows by urban poor children, young performers from minority tribes, international musicians and artists as well.